Record of Lodoss War "Uncut" for Sega Dreamcast

The idea for the project was born by accident when I was recording a video from the Japanese version of the great CRPG Record of Lodoss Warb The Advent of Cardice by Kadokawa Shoten / ESP and Neverland.
I focused on an additional option that was cut from the NTSC-U and PAL versions, then noticed by chance, that the second intro with opennig the game contains blood effects, that were removed from the European and American editions!
So, as soon as possible, I checked all the videos, made comparisons, put great english dub voices, and converted the whole thing back into an SFD file.
This is how we have full, TWO uncut movies that you can easily add to the PAL and NTSC-U versions. Regards, Rolly

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  Download links :
Uncut Movies Patch : Download link
Eazyboot (in folder RIP_SELBOOT_GDI_Tools) : Download Link
* UniversalDreamcastPatcher by Derek Pascarella (GDI): Link

Record Of Lodoss War - 1  Screenshots & Instructions :
Download files and replace movie files on root and just use simple tools. For .GDI - UniversalDreamcastPatcher. You found a readme on project site.
For .CDI image (lower movie quality) - EazyBoot. Put files to DATA folder and then run Lazyboot_v3.3.cmd from selfboot folder. Click "1" or "4" for CDI image and hit Enter, next insert a NAME for your image and hit Enter. Click "Y" for hack binaries and click Enter. Wait for a few minutes - .CDI image is ready for use.

PS. If you know how to hack the 1ST_READ.BIN file of the PAL and NTSC-U versions to make the cuted "Dictionary" option visible - let me know! The non-translated files from this option have definitely not been removed from EU & US versions.

Record of Lodoss War Dictionary Dreamcast
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